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Food Handlers Certificate in Melbourne

New Soul Enterprises can help you obtain your food handlers certificate in Melbourne.

Call us to book individual or group training sessions concerning food handling and processing!

Food Handlers' Training Programme

New Soul Enterprises provides a perfectly designed food handlers' training programme that aims to eliminate malpractices in the food handling industry.

Proper training can help food handlers understand the dangers of food poisoning and other causes of food contamination that can occur during the various processes.

Our objective is to assist your staff in learning and understanding all about food safety and how to successfully implement measures in line with national standards.

Obtain a recognised food handlers certificate after our course. Call us today!

Proper food handlers' training programme

Food Handlers Certificate Australia
Food Handlers Certificate Melbourne

Why Train Your Food Handling Personnel?

New Soul Enterprises will develop a hygiene policy and food safety system to train your food handling personnel. Our food safety certificate is nationally recognised and designed to provide learners with the necessary knowledge to be more effective in their line of work.

Learn about the importance of:

  • Hand washing and sanitising
  • Wearing protective clothing
  • Personal cleanliness
  • Personal behaviour
  • Illness and injuries

Developing and training your personnel in food hygiene

Why Choose Us?

Government funded and nationally recognised training programmes

We work with various industries

Professional staff training for improved efficiency, quality and safety standards

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