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17 Eugenia St,

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Logistics Training Course in Melbourne

Call New Soul Enterprises for professional logistics training courses in Melbourne!

We train your staff to improve efficiency and productivity.

A Carefully Designed Logistics Course

A knowledgeable and skilful logistics team is crucial to gaining a competitive edge in any industry.

New Soul Enterprises has a carefully designed logistics course that will teach your staff how to perform more efficiently. We can also help you develop a lean supply chain and logistics system to increase bottom line profits.

Our logistics training course will improve the skills of participants and provide them with the necessary expertise to meet future logistics challenges.

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Complete logistics and supply chain training

Logistics Training Course Melbourne
Logistics Training Course Victoria

Meeting Industry Standards and Requirements

New Soul Enterprises works and collaborates with many businesses and organisations to fulfil their needs and requirements in the workplace, including:

  • Food handling training for the food industry
  • Management and supply chain training in the transport and logistics industries
  • Companies that need to comply with Australian ISO standards, HACCP requirements and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Helps businesses meet the demands of suppliers and consumers
  • Helps organisations prepare for audits

Meeting the needs and requirements of all businesses and organisations


Why Choose Us?

Government funded and nationally recognised training programmes

We work with various industries

Professional staff training for improved efficiency, quality and safety standards

Call for professional logistics training!