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17 Eugenia St,

Mernda, 3754


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Short Courses in Melbourne

New Soul Enterprises provides short courses for groups and individuals in Melbourne.

Our training programmes are designed to meet standard health, safety and quality requirements.

Helpful and Effective Short Courses

New Soul Enterprises offers short courses that are nationally accredited and designed for staff in the food handling and processing industries.

The short courses aim to meet the increasingly complex challenges in the food consumption, manufacturing and retailing sector and are structured to help professionals in the industry understand and implement food safety and hygiene standards.

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Providing short courses in basic hygiene principles for all food handlers

Short Courses Melbourne
Short Courses Australia

Quality Assurance Compliance

Whatever your area of expertise, New Soul Enterprises prepares your organisation in quality assurance compliance by ensuring your processes and the products/services you offer comply with Australian standards.

Our quality assurance systems will teach you how to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.

From system development and implementation to gap analysis and internal auditing, we deal with all aspects of quality assurance compliance.​​​​​​

Implementing quality assurance compliance


Why Choose Us?

Government funded and nationally recognised training programmes

We work with various industries

Professional staff training for improved efficiency, quality and safety standards

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